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is a service provider and publishing company, helping you to optimally develop and present your publication in the developing markets of online and mobile devices.

The market is insecure because of legal and technical aspects, rights management, modest sales and negative forecasts. This kind of publicity creates insecurities amongst the readers and customers, while their key demand always remains the same:

Useful and easy to access content the user really needs!

The main aim of Creative-Story is, to create new perspectives with a solution-oriented approach. Creative-Story is a way either for authors, readers and publishers to comfortably reach a new mobile future.


The publishing industry continually changes. Nearly every hour new technologies, best practices and techniques are published to facilitate our way into the mobile future.

To find your way around and not lose the main perspective – useful and easy to use content for customers – Creative-Story supports you with:

  • technical conversion of your content
  • optimising your internet presentation
  • evaluating new ways to utilise your content
  • social marketing services
  • online marketing
  • advice and research about your publishing project
  • etc.

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